Meeting with Rep. Brett Miller

We met with Rep. Brett Miller on Friday.  We ended the meeting with something of a stalemate. He is a solid Conservative with a clear understanding of, and belief in, limited government.  Where we couldn’t connect was over whether we have a 10th Amendment right, as well as the consequences for the government when we … Read more

Rep. Dave Zimmerman

The meeting with Rep. David Zimmerman was pretty exciting. Not because he signed on the dotted line and asked when do we start.  Because he didn’t.  What we got was even better. It was a meeting with a man that is the definition of Lancaster County.  His values are our values.  He is smart and … Read more

D.A. Stedman Meeting Update

The meeting on Monday went fairly well with Lancaster County District Attorney Stedman.  The deal isn’t closed, but we got our foot in the door and at least introduced him to the idea of nullification as a viable option. We are putting him in the “Thinking About It” category. He is a product of our … Read more

Republican Party & Mindy Fee

There was much discussion this weekend over the results of our meeting with the Chairman of the Lancaster County Republican Party, Dave Dumeyer, and the Asst. Exec. Dir., Jill Gagliano. Mrs. Gagliano was enthusiastic throughout, and very clear at the end that she agreed with, and liked, what we are doing. Mr. Dumeyer asked good … Read more

Several New Meetings Scheduled in June & July

Greetings,   I’ve been busy making phone calls, and this is the list of people that we are currently scheduled to meet with in the next few weeks:     Rep. Mindy Fee                                  Friday, June 5th – 10 am Dave Dumeyer – Lancaster Co. Republican Party Chm. (Wants to meet with only me – … Read more