Open Letter to the Warwick Township Supervisors – June 21, 2021

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There is an epidemic of people lying when they swear their Oaths of Office to obey and enforce the U.S. Constitution.  We are very thankful that we have the Constitution to prove this fact.

Not every lie is a crime.  This particular lie is.

2016 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes –
Title 11, Chapter 109, Section 10905
(c) Violation. — An individual who violates the individual’s oath;
(1) commits a misdemeanor; and
(2) upon conviction shall be:
(i) sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000 or to imprisonment for not more than one year, or both; and
(ii) subject to forfeiting office in accordance with section 10901 (relating to appointment, removal and prohibition).

Refusing to have even the most rudimentary discussion about the very Constitution you swore to obey and defend is, in fact, breaking your Oath.  How can you enforce something that you refuse to talk about?

We are not, however, attempting to see you prosecuted under the law, we are trying to give you an opportunity to start doing what you swore to do.

We never expected that:

  • You would refuse to answer how you personally view the Constitution.
  • You would state that you do not know, and do not want to know, anything about the Constitution.
  • You would adamantly refuse to discuss the Constitution with us at any time or address a single point or issue in our “Open Letter to Lancaster Co. Oath Takers”.
  • You would refuse to honor your Oaths to obey and enforce the Constitution because, as one of you stated, it is the Supreme Court’s responsibility “to interpret the Constitution”, which has nothing to do with your responsibility to obey and enforce it.
  • You would display arrogance and condescension instead of humility, logic, and reason.
  • You would become visibly annoyed and state that you were “offended” that we were asking that you honor your Oaths through the simple acts of answering a question and helping us start a public conversation about the Constitution.

Breaking your Oaths is a serious offense.  We would like to help you if you will allow us to do so.

Will you honor your Oaths and:

  • Help us defend our 10th Amendment Right by enforcing the Enumerated Powers against our federal employees?
  • Help us begin a public conversation to educate people about exactly how the U.S. Constitution obeyed and enforced keeps us free?
  • Help us educate people about how critical the Oath of Office is in guaranteeing that we are able to live free lives?

If you believe that any of these requests are not required under your Oaths, please explain why.

Also, please answer in what specific ways you have honored or are currently honoring your Oaths to obey and enforce the U.S. Constitution.

Your silence and absolute refusal to answer a simple question about how you view the Constitution is proving the point behind why we are asking that question.

We expect partial or full responses to these questions and requests at the July 21st Township meeting.  As your Oaths of Office were individual and not collective, responses are required from each of you.

– Joe Bennett

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