Several New Meetings Scheduled in June & July



I’ve been busy making phone calls, and this is the list of people that we are currently scheduled to meet with in the next few weeks:



Rep. Mindy Fee                                  Friday, June 5th – 10 am

Dave Dumeyer – Lancaster Co. Republican Party Chm. (Wants to meet with only me – what does that tell you?)               June 5th – 11:30 am

Rep. David Zimmerman                     Thursday, June 7th – 1 pm

District Attorney Craig Stedman        Monday, June 8th – 10 am       (MEETING FULL)

Senator Lloyd Smucker                      Monday, July 6th – 10 am
Due to an insane budget battle between two political parties and a governor that do not share our principles, some of these may be rescheduled last minute.


Let me know if you want to go to any or all of these.  They usually only want six or so people.  Contact me to get on one or more of the lists.

If you haven’t been to one of these meetings before, good or bad, they always have a powerful impact on you.

We also always gain something from them.  Like with Pitts, we walked out realizing how bad the situation is because of people that we are responsible for electing, but we at least did so with a critical piece of information that we didn’t have before.

We are dividing Lancaster County with the Constitution.  The Marxists in both parties will be dragged into the light.

There is a fair amount of effort and thought being put into what comes next.  I cannot wait to share that with you in the next few months, but first we need to identify our enemies and our allies.
We have contacted a few organizations, such as the PA Chiefs’ of Police Association, to see if they would support, at least in principle, our efforts to see our 10th Amendment right restored.  I’ll let you know how those progress.  Please let me know if anyone has any contacts that might be of help with our deputy sheriffs, police officers, mayors, township supervisors, and borough council members.

Always remember, people died and fought and suffered for us to be free.  What we do with that defines us.