June 8th Mtg with District Attorney Stedman



It has been a while since we’ve had a meeting and since I’ve emailed people about what has been going on with OurRepublic in in Lancaster County.  I apologize for that, and will not bore you with the details, but there are some very interesting things that we have been doing that I will tell you all about very soon.


In order to clearly describe the goal of OurRepublic, I’ve started using the term Constitutional Sanctuary County.  If the Left is allowed by our federal government and law enforcement at all levels to give sanctuary to illegals in our cities, we are certainly allowed to see the highest law of the land enforced in our county.


After our very informative meeting with Pitts (check the website for  the meeting notes), I’ve been talking to a few people behind the scenes.  Sorry for not keeping everyone up to date, but I hate sending out uncertain and unverified info and then having to backtrack and explain.


As it goes, a miracle happened one day about six weeks ago and I finally made contact with our county sheriff, and it went very well.  Or, so I thought.  It turns out that he is not someone that we are ever going to be able to rely upon.  That is the most diplomatic language I can find.


We do not want him as our enemy, and we certainly do not want to give him a reason to side against us if push comes to shove.


After our initial conversation he would not return my phone calls, which I was told a while back, then heard from a second source recently, and then had it confirmed personally, that this is his modus operandi.


We need, apparently, a third column to place people like him in.  Maybe we call it “Temporarily Unconfirmable.”


As we work towards nullification of all things unconstitutional and ignore those that have broken their oaths to obey the Constitution, we will be calling for individual members in law enforcement and in the military to hold to their oaths.  It will be the final determining factor in our success.  Will it be enough to force men and women in positions of power over them to obey the law and recognize our 10th Amendment right to a federal government limited by the powers delegated in the Constitution?


We shall see.  It will certainly be an exciting day, one way or the other.


To this end, we are also reaching out to the PA State Association of Township Supervisors, the PA State Mayors’ Association, the PA Chiefs of Police Association, and the PA Sheriffs’ Association.


The goal will be to keep to a minimum the energy required to contact and enlist the help of our local officials.


We’ll be setting up meetings to convince these men and women of the rightness of our cause and of the of rights that we possess to do all  that we plan.  I’ll send out emails for people interested in joining us.


Also, we have a meeting with Lancaster County District Attorney Stedman scheduled for June 8th at 11 am for half-an-hour.  We only need a couple of people for this one, and I do not need to tell you how important this meeting is.  As I was told by a man I respect greatly, with the right names on our list, we will have people calling us to get their names on the list.  It is a shame that it works that way, but there you have it.


We should at least be thankful that as much as fear breeds fear, courage breeds courage.


The alternative is that we find out that there are only a few people in the entire county that care about freedom and the Constitution, and that we are strapped in for a ride into tyranny with no recourse.


Pray for the former, and against the latter.


Also, thank God tomorrow and always for those that have done so much and given so much for us to be free.  If you know someone or see someone tomorrow that has served our nation, look them in the eye, shake their hand, and thank them for their service.


We owe them a debt of honor to not allow this nation to collapse from within.