Rep. Joe Pitts – 2/18/15

The meeting late Wednesday afternoon with Pitts was what many expected.  Pitts made it very clear that he is a politician, and has no interest in obeying the Constitution.

He is for smaller, better government, not Constitutionally limited government.  Pitts is clearly comfortable with not obeying the Constitution, because, as he told us numerous times, that it is the will of the people.

He is a big government Progressive, with a few socially Conservative principles that he believes the federal government should actually be regulating.  He supports agencies that are nothing more than socialism and that are clearly unconstitutional, yet he and his Lancaster County chief of staff, Tom Tillett, repeatedly defended them to us by saying:  “This is what people want.”

Despite our insistence that the Constitution and our God-given rights do not depend on the desires of the masses, and that Benjamin Franklin called democracy the most evil form of government, they said repeatedly that it was politically unrealistic to expect to ever see the highest law of the land obeyed.

And they are completely ok with that.

He defends the court’s power to overrule and disregard the Constitution… because a long time ago, he said, the court decided they had the power to do so.  The Supreme Court is not over the Constitution.  The Constitution limits and protects us from all three branches of the federal government.  That includes the Supreme Court.

He was very clear that he has no faith in the morality, strength, and independence of the American people.

They have an unshakable belief that politics trumps principles and freedom.  He said no one would ever get re-elected again if they obeyed the Constitution.

Pitts said that he absolutely agreed that Social Security was going to go bankrupt, but that he would never consider ending it.  He completely rejected the idea of moving control of it to the states, even though he agreed it is clearly unconstitutional, socialism, a Ponzi scheme, unsustainable, and yields a far worse return than saving directly for our own retirement.

When we discussed our right to disobey and not finance the things that he does that are illegal, he thought it was amusing that the IRS would force us to do so.  An IRS that he knows will intimidate us, bankrupt us, imprison us and take our homes and businesses if we don’t comply with their unconstitutional actions.  The humor was lost on me.

Every example he gave of, what he considers, positive things the government does were all unconstitutional and clear examples of redistribution of wealth.

His choice of chief of staff, Tom Tillett, who is as bad, or worse, than Pitts himself, is a confirmation of Pitts’ character and beliefs.  Tillet spoke more than the representative did.

Tillett told us several times that Pitts is the 11th most conservative representative in congress. gives Pitts a grade of D.  He is 146 on their list.  Not eleven.  It gives us an idea of how bad things are for us, the Constitution, and our Republic.

When I mentioned that We the People forced them to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, he said, “No one made me do anything”.  He seems to think that his oath was a quaint, anachronistic formality.  Since we, up until now, have allowed him to not honor his oath, his attitude reveals that he believes that this should continue indefinitely.

I wouldn’t care if Pitts ate live kittens for breakfast as long as he obeyed and defended the Constitution.

He is far from the man to do something like that, though.

Our goal, which I told him, was not to come and get a “yes,” as much as we wanted it, but to find out the truth.

After a long conversation with the six of us and him and Tillett, I carefully told him that based on our conversation he was going on the “no” side of the column.  He only seemed mildly surprised, and said alright.

Joe Pitts is a Progressive Republican trying to disguise himself as a Conservative and a Constitutionalist.

We asked the questions, we got our answers, and now we know for certain.  Which is what we set out to do in the first place.

May God save our republic.