Republican Party & Mindy Fee

There was much discussion this weekend over the results of our meeting with the Chairman of the Lancaster County Republican Party, Dave Dumeyer, and the Asst. Exec. Dir., Jill Gagliano.

Mrs. Gagliano was enthusiastic throughout, and very clear at the end that she agreed with, and liked, what we are doing.

Mr. Dumeyer asked good questions, and even made some much appreciated suggestions for the next phase of our project.  He gave us the names of two Conservative college professors to contact about joining our think tank for making Lancaster County a constitutional Sanctuary County.  More on that soon.

The question is whether we can trust the local head of a national political party that has betrayed us over and over again.

I walked out very optimistic about how things had gone.  My wife, who Mr. Dumeyer very willingly allowed to join us in the meeting, is always much more dubious about people until they prove themselves.  Talk is cheap, for sure, but after thinking about and discussing how things went, we both agree that it was a solid win.

Both of our concerns are that the national and state Republican Party people will not be happy about our efforts to see the Constitution applied to them as well as the Democrats, and they will apply pressure to local politicians, our elected public servants, and withhold funds.

If we become aware of that happening, we will unleash hell on the Republican Party.

Until then, it will be a great benefit to our efforts to have the political machine connected to our elected officials with us and not against us.

Our meeting with Rep. Mindy Fee was a breath of fresh air.  She is as honest and genuine as the day is long.  Smart and very practical.  She clearly needs to digest the concept of nullification and a county rebellion against our state and federal governments’ unlawful activity, but she cheerfully acknowledged that we have a 10th Amendment right to a federal government that is restrained by the Constitution and a state that protects when it is not.