D.A. Stedman Meeting Update

The meeting on Monday went fairly well with Lancaster County District Attorney Stedman.  The deal isn’t closed, but we got our foot in the door and at least introduced him to the idea of nullification as a viable option.

We are putting him in the “Thinking About It” category.

He is a product of our legal system.  As much as he is smart, principled, ex-military, and a Conservative, we need to convince him that the reality that he deals with in on a daily basis is mostly an illusion.

The entire concept of Supreme Court supremacy over all things constitutional is a lie.  The Supreme Court is part of the federal government and is constrained by the constitution to making decisions concerning only their thirty-five enumerated powers.

Stare decisis is the principle of precedence in court rulings.  What we operate under now is another lie.  What used to be a suggestion, now has judges creating law.  Original principles, our principles, be damned.

He warned us not to break the law.  In case I wasn’t clear in the meeting, I emailed him today and said we intend to break all of them, and none of them.  It is impossible to break a law that is unlawful.

I have only met a few lawyers that understand these three departures from the status quo.  It is not surprising that he asked to think about it and to take some time to look at our website.

He said that as much as we believe that the Constitution limits the federal government to eleven essential tasks, there are many that believe the opposite.

Today I wrote him that of course the Left does not want to be limited by the Constitution, but that we wrote it specifically to protect ourselves from people like them.

Why we have been so very willing to allow the perverted concept of the Constitution as a growing document to be the rule of thumb is an odd psychosis that we need to get over.

We say: “That is unconstitutional.”  They say: “No it is not,” and we say: “Ok,” or nothing at all.

We started an important conversation with a man that I am thankful is not a Leftist and that shares our principles.  Will he stop acquiescing to Leftist insistence that they alone can decide our fate?  Will he buck the current unconstitutional system and join us in restoring the Constitution?

Who knows, but I really look forward to those conversations.  Regardless of the outcome, we will see this thing through to the end.  It is becoming more and more obvious to people that we do not have a choice.


“The Tenth Amendment is the foundation of the Constitution.”  – Thomas Jefferson