Rep. Dave Zimmerman

The meeting with Rep. David Zimmerman was pretty exciting.

Not because he signed on the dotted line and asked when do we start.  Because he didn’t.  What we got was even better.

It was a meeting with a man that is the definition of Lancaster County.  His values are our values.  He is smart and very aware of the problems we face, and he is a strong supporter of the Constitution as it is written, not as the Left wishes it was.

The most encouraging thing he said was that he had come to the same conclusion that we have about the inability to reform our utterly broken system.  He believes that a clean sweep may be our only option.

It may seem odd to find encouragement in something so bleak.  However, what has been the most frustrating problem for many years has been the effort by most Conservatives to keep voting and trying to use a broken machine to fix a broken machine.  The Democrat Party is hopeless, but the Republican Party has clearly not been our friend and ally for a very long time.

It is critical to understand that we are not constrained by the law to have the voting booth as our only option.  The highest law of the land is on our side.  We are free people, but we have simply needed to start thinking like it.

We have more of a right to fundamentally restore our republic than Obama and his Leftist forces have to fundamentally change it.  In fact, we have all the rights, they have none.  We have the Constitution.

So, considering our years of inaction in light of our power, you can see how finding someone in the system that believes the system might be beyond repair is encouraging.

At last, we can start talking about real solutions.

Read this bill that was put forth by state Rep. Dan Flynn in Texas late in 2014.  The house and senate in Texas are controlled by Republicans.  They refused to put this bill on the calendar for a vote.  This is one of several state 10th Amendment Resolutions that have gone nowhere because of Democrats and Republicans alike, including Pennsylvania’s in 2009.

This is the exact approach that we have the authority to implement here in Lancaster County.

If the Feds will not obey the law, and if the state will not protect us from their illegal activity, then we are free to do it ourselves.  The goal is not to take over the state’s job, but to force them to do their job.

Until they do, we will lead the way out of the darkness.

If we want to implement a flat sales tax to replace the income and property tax, then let’s do so.  If we want to end the redistribution of our property through the hands of politicians and into the pockets of people that will certainly continue to vote for them, then let’s get it done.  If we want to get in front of the collapse of Social Security and allow people to be responsible for their own lives and their own retirement, then what is stopping us?

In case you are not convinced of our authority to do so, order and read at least the first two chapters of this book.

Whatever you do, buy this book, but you can also read the entire thing on Amazon’s website.  Just click on the book cover on the left side of their page.

We are meeting with our public servants and we are inviting them to pick a side, for the Constitution or against it, and they are doing so.

We are Americans.  We possess the authority to see the law enforced, and we ultimately bear the responsibility to maintain our freedom.  We are dividing Lancaster County along the one line that matters and that should exist in this country:  The Constitution, the freedom it protects, and the principles that created it.

Rep. Zimmerman, I believe, after our meeting on Thursday, is a man smart enough and principled enough to help us get that done.

Our next step is to create a think-tank to start working out the details for the creation of a Constitutional Committee to restore our God-given and constitutionally protected rights.

We will pick up new allies along the way as well as have defections, but we will not stop because there is no reason to, and too many for why we never should.



“The Tenth Amendment is the foundation of the Constitution.”  – Thomas Jefferson