Meeting with Rep. Brett Miller

We met with Rep. Brett Miller on Friday.  We ended the meeting with something of a stalemate.

He is a solid Conservative with a clear understanding of, and belief in, limited government.  Where we couldn’t connect was over whether we have a 10th Amendment right, as well as the consequences for the government when we exercise that right.

He believes that it makes no sense for the state and federal governments to be involved in the minutia of our daily lives.  But, he didn’t swear an oath to not do stuff that doesn’t make sense.  He swore an oath to God and to us to obey and defend the Constitution.

He recognizes the Constitution in general, but he never mentioned the 10th Amendment in our entire discussion even though we repeatedly focused on it and asked him pointed questions about it over and over.

His concern was, we found out at the end, that he did not know us, and he seemed to think that if he acknowledged our 10th Amendment right to a federal government limited by the Constitution and to a state that protects us when it is not, that he would be giving tacit approval to whatever possibly hair-brained scheme we might be concocting.

To draw a parallel, I know a number of police officers and every one of them supports the 2nd Amendment implicitly, with reasonable restrictions for those with violent criminal records or mental illness, etc.  They are supporters of responsible open carry, if that is what we choose to do.  They do not fear us exercising our rights.  They do not fear us being free as long as we are responsible and moral.

I know that the concept of nullification is new to many.  Can we actually disobey and defund anything that is illegally perpetrated by our several levels of government.  You betcha.  That is what being free means.

From the Magna Carta to the British Parliament to our Constitution, federal and state, we have increasingly limited our government so that we can exercise the rights that God has given us.  Freedom is the natural state of man.

Freedom, of course, can only exist with morality.  Otherwise we have anarchy.  There are a lot of people that fear freedom.  When I told one of my very Conservative clients about what we are doing, he said that it sounds scary.  He said it calmly and with almost no expression.

We do not lose our rights because others are afraid of freedom, or are afraid of what we will do with ours.  The ignorance, fear, apathy, or desire of many to attempt to vote away their rights does not in any way affect us or our rights.

The job of a free people is to make sure that a high level of morality is always present in our society.

Here’s another book for you to buy and read:

The first five principles are particularly relevant, especially the second one.  It describes the fear that many people had about whether we were a moral enough people to have as much freedom as our Founders wanted to give us.  The imminent possibility of so much freedom transformed us into a people that even the greatest critics and skeptics were amazed by.

Our nation was changed just by the promise of freedom and the accompanying personal responsibility.

In the exact opposite way, we have been transformed for the worse by Socialism through the redistribution of other people’s property and the removal of consequences for our actions by subsidizing people’s worst behavior.

That has to end or America will not survive.

We have to make a choice about Rep. Miller.  He clearly does not belong on the Anti-Constitution side.  He shares our principles and we do not believe that he will ever oppose us, but one never knows.  It would be nice if he made some clear statement about, and for, the 10th Amendment, but for now he goes on the Constitutionalist side.

It’s not like he is an track coach or a guidance counselor.  He voluntarily put himself up for a job that required him to swear an oath to obey and defend the law.

We’ll just have to watch how he responds as we go forward with the process of liberating ourselves by establishing Lancaster County as a Constitutional Sanctuary County.  What he says and does next will tell us a lot about him.  We have had too many Republicans tell us that they stand for  the Constitution and not mean it.