Lancaster County, Pa. – 10th Amendment County Project (No. 2)

The 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Thank you for the great responses to the email and to the project over all.  Click HERE to read email No. 1.
The last email was a general request to action.  This one is specific.
These are the three people that we need to call and receive public statements from more than any others, because, when they answer, all the others will answer or properly feel the pressure to do so:

  • Judge Craig Stedman – 2/20/2020
    717-299-8041; 50 N. Duke St, Lancaster, PA 17608
  • District Attorney Heather Adams – 2/28/2020
    717-299-8100, press 0; 50 N. Duke St, 5th Floor, Lancaster, PA 17608
  • President Judge David Ashworth – 3/5/2020
    717-299-8041; 50 N. Duke St, Lancaster, PA 17608
  • Sheriff Christopher Leppler – 2/20/2020
    717-299-8200; 50 N. Duke St, Lancaster, PA 17608

We met with Judge Stedman over four years ago when he was the Lancaster County District Attorney.  He “lawyered” us for half an hour and evaded answering our simple question of how he viewed the Constitution.  We then sent him an early copy of our Open Letter a year-and-a-half ago, to which he replied:  “my positions remain consistent with what I said at the time as well as with the Constitution.”
He gave us no answer and then pretended that he had in order to avoid answering what he knows that he must.  He then asked to be removed from our “email list.”
Two things should be obvious from this:  1)  Why not at least engage us in a simple conversation answering our question or telling us how and why we are wrong in our conclusions and requests, and  2)   How can anyone think that they can swear to Obey and Defend the Constitution and then refuse to ever talk about it?
We are asking the simplest of questions:

“Which Constitution did you swear to obey and defend?” 

  • A list of Enumerated Powers, severely limiting the function and scope of our federal government so that we can be free from a powerful central government.


  • A ‘living document,’ removing all constitutional limits and allowing federal workers to define and limit the scope of their own power.

Our Constitution changed the course of human history.  Ignore it and everything goes back to what we came here to escape.  The “living document” view is by far the most prevalent view on our college campuses, in our law schools, in our halls of government, and that is held by our “Free” Press.
The entire nature of our Republic pivots on how this question is answered.  We dropped the ball in not holding people to their Oaths, and only we can fix this mess.
We will never know which Oath they swore or to whom they swore it until they answer.
Some of the people in the following group received an early copy of our Open Letter over three years ago and still have not responded to our request for a statement, or ever bothered to honor us with a short conversation on the issues we have raised.
Silence is a response, and it is not one with which we should be pleased or content.  There is a reason they are not responding, and it is not because we are wrong  on the issues or in raising them, it is because they know that to even discuss them is to stop ignoring that our federal government is massively operating outside of the Constitution and has been for a very long time.

  • District Magistrate David Miller – Manheim Township – 2/28/2020
    717-569-8774; 2205 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
  • Chief Kerry Nye –Lititz – 2/20/2020
    717-626-6393; press 5; 7 S. Broad St, Lititz, PA 17543
  • District Magistrate Edward Tobin – Lititz – 2/20/2020
    717-626-0258; 690 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, PA 17543
  • Rep. Steve Mentzer – Lititz – 2/20/2020
    717-626-1776; 1555 Highland Dr, Suite 110, Lititz, PA 17543
  • Chief David Steffen – Northern Lancaster Co. Reg. Police – 2/20/2020
    717-733-0965, press 0; 860 Durlach Rd, Stevens, PA 17578

“I understand that you received a copy of OurRepublic’s Open Letter to Lancaster Co. Oath Takers and that you have not responded.  I agree with them that you are obligated to answer this question”… is a simple thing to say.

These people are not our enemies, but they need to be made to know that their Oaths and the Constitution means a great deal to us.

Give them your name, do not be afraid, and do not argue with them.  They swore the Oath to you, not you to them.  Tell them you expect a statement answering this question.