Open Letter to Sen. Aument

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Sen. Aument, Rep. Zimmerman, and all Lancaster County Oath takers: 

America is in a constitutional crisis because there are two polar opposite views on our Constitution resulting in two completely different forms of government and in two completely different Oaths of Office. 

This crisis is of the highest order due to the fact that both parties are operating under the one view that is an intentional lie created to destroy our Constitution’s limits on our federal government. 

People are either lying to us when they swear their Oaths of Office or they are completely indifferent to or ignorant about the document they publicly and willingly committed to us to obey and defend. 

The lie that our Constitution is a “Living Document” is at the heart of the divide that is currently tearing our nation apart. 

If the Constitution, the principles that created both it and our Republic, and the Oath of Office are not what guide and limit our federal government, then what does? 

The nightmare combination of democratic mob rule and militant, materialistic Socialism are replacing our Constitution and Freedom. 

Severely limited government, Personal Responsibility, Property Rights, the Free Market, and our God given Rights are the birthrights of all true Americans. 

We are close to becoming that which we came here to escape. 

In this late hour and time of crisis and danger, what are you prepared to do? 

Will you honor your Oath and help us restore the Rule of Law and the 10th Amendment and Enumerated Powers that limit our federal government, or will you continue accommodating and cooperating with those on the Left in both parties that are lying when they swear their Oaths and from whom we specifically created our Constitution to protect ourselves? 

What will you obey and defend, the Constitution of these United States and us, or the Marxist Left in Washington, D.C. and in our County and Commonwealth? 

Our Freedom pivots on your answer and your actions. 

Are you with us and the Constitution or with them? 

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