A new President is not our hope… Freedom from a President is


Here is a small challenge:  Find for me where in the Constitution, or in the writings of our Founders, or in the writings of the men that they most often quoted where they sought to put their hope in a President or any group of men with the power to make them free.

No such writings exist.  Instead they stood bravely staring into the face of the unknown and declared:  ‘I will stand and take all the risks and face all the trials that come with true Freedom, and I will oppose with my life all tyranny over my body and mind.’

We, here at OurRepublic, do not put our hope in man, or a man, or some other guy that may show up some day.  We could almost care less who the President is.  Sure, it would be amazing to have one that works tirelessly to restore Constitutional limits to our federal government, but whether there is or isn’t such a president is a secondary concern.  We are instead determined that we are never again dependent on any man or woman for our freedom.

Too many good Americans are waiting for the government, the very people that have taken our freedom, to make them free again.

I say take it yourself.  Take it so that you get used to taking it and used to being the one that keeps yourself and your family free from the very people that would sooner put you in prison then ever let you be free from them again.

What if we had a nation of men and women that did exactly that?  Maybe then we would have the right to be called Americans again.

Instead, we allow them to get us wrapped up in trying to elect people that will carry our hope of freedom on their shoulders.  Can we call ourselves free people if we are waiting on someone else to give freedom to us?

Give that some thought.  Some serious self-analysis is needed right now, because I do not even recognize what has become of our nation.

I do know that there is a remnant of true Americans out there scattered throughout our neighborhoods and towns that will answer the call of freedom.  All they will need is to see the light of men and women struggling against the dark and they will come and join us.

Freedom will not come from a new messiah.  It will be a collection of the toughest and most moral men and women left in our country that will never wait for permission to be free.

The world desperately needs to see what freedom looks like again, and we intend to show them.

Some people may need permission to be free.  I most certainly am not one of them.  Are you?