Sanguinto, Bryan – 9/27/14

I headed to the Ephrata Fair last night to talk to Gary Schreckengost, Democrat candidate for the 36th Senatorial seat against Rep. Aument.  He was late or never showed up, but I talked to his partner Bryan Sanguinito who is running for the 99th Congressional district.

The only thing I learned about Schreckengost is that, despite being a veteran, he is anti-2nd Amendment.  That is how Leftists honor their oaths to obey and defend the Constitution.  They pick and choose.  That is intolerable.

Mr. Sanguinito and I talked for a quite a while.  These are the notes that I made after our meeting:

Bryan Sanguinito [Dem. Candidate for 99th Dist. State House Seat] – Talks a great game.  Pro-Constitution, pro-limited federal government, knows that Separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution, pro-life, and pro-State Rights.  Very likable and pretty smart.  However, he supports a Living-Wage ($15/hr. min. wage), the state controlling our schools (even if the feds should not), redistributing wealth to fund teachers and students in other school districts, says freedom is a nice theory but ‘fears’ anarchy, willing to give up on freedom because we aren’t a moral enough people, and weakly justifies belonging to party that stands completely against the things he says he stands for by saying he wants to reform it.  Does not recognize what big unions and the Democrat Party have done to Detroit and our economy and culture in general.

Conclusion:  Belongs to a union that is a subset of the NEA and belongs to the Democrat Party.  A true stealth candidate.  He belongs to, votes with, and supports a party that kills babies, is Marxist, has as its goal the destruction of our Constitution, and will never allow States Rights to be recognized all because of the control he wants unions and the Democrats to have over our lives and our businesses.  Strongly does not support the free market.  Strongly supports redistribution of wealth and pretends to not know that it is actually Socialism and Marxism.  Pretends that lawsuits based on Sep. of Ch. and State are not targeting Christians, or that it by default allows Liberalism to be forced on us as the de facto state religion.  He said belonging to a party that supports big business is something that he cannot do, but apparently belonging to a party that kills babies is ok.  He clearly ignores and irrationally justifies belonging to a party that kills babies all because he himself is pro-life and because he knows a number of pro-life Democrats.  He tries very hard to not acknowledge or discuss that the Democrat Party is rabidly pro-abortion and has caused 57 million abortions in the U.S. alone and over 100 million total worldwide.  His stated principles do not outweigh his hypocrisy and denial of reality.

I have to say that it was a disturbing conversation.  He will convince a lot of people that he is a better choice than a true-Conservative Constitutionalist.  His hypocrisy is hard to detect and he does a great job at avoiding his inconsistencies and reality itself.  Many Liberal politicians in Lancaster County, because it is so Conservative, are going to be very practiced at hiding and soft-selling their Liberalism and hypocrisy.

It was, however, a great conversation because it makes very clear the issues that need to be addressed.

There is a divide in our country.  It is the Constitution, and, more importantly, the values that created it that the Left hates so much.

Never in the history of the world has any group of people ever achieved more freedom for more people than our Founders.  What made that possible were the values that they held and which they held in common with each other.

Alexis de Tocqueville said of Americans:

‘The sects that exist in the United States are innumerable.  They all differ in respect to the worship which is due to the Creator; but they all agree in respect to the duties which are due from man to man.  Each sect adores the Deity in its own peculiar manner, but all sects preach the same moral law in the name of God… All the sects of the United States are comprised within the great unity of Christianity, and Christian morality is everywhere the same… There is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America.’

Nowhere else in the world, and from no other religion, value system, philosophy, or moral code, has any other people ever created a Constitution, culture, or country like ours.

The Constitution is a reflection of the values of the men that created it, and those values were Christian.  Which is why Leftists, who seek power more than anything else, hate Christianity, and, by contrast, will embrace Islam as a religion of peace and call all criticism of it Islamophobia.

They hate anything that makes us want to be free and that enables us to remain free.

The Bible teaches us about God, and we therefore desire no earthly king and are able to lead moral enough lives so that we do not need to be controlled, so they ban the Bible and outlaw Christianity.

Our God-given right to defend ourselves aids us in remaining free from them, so they attack and remove our 2nd Amendment rights.

The free market allows us to achieve the means to support ourselves and our children, and to help each other, so they tax and regulate it away.

The true-Leftist cannot be a true-American.  They hate our country and everything that we hold dear.  A person cannot be half-free.  A true-American cannot half-support your freedom while half-supporting your enslavement.  Freedom is all or nothing.

All laws should be created in the spirit of advancing freedom.  If a law restricts us in one way, it should makes us on balance more free overall in other ways.  We are currently being enslaved for the benefit of a rapidly increasing number of people, and their greatest weapon against us is that they ignore the Constitution and the Christian principles that created it.  Our Constitution was created to limit the political ambitions of people exactly like them.

To call yourself a Christian and yet to work to control the lives of others rather than working to create a more moral society where there is justice and opportunity for all and where we worship God and not money, is the greatest hypocrisy of all.

Freedom isn’t for everyone.  The Left makes that absolutely clear.  True-Americans should be willing to fight not just for their freedom from others, but for others to be free from them as well.  That is what makes us unique in the universe, and makes us Americans.


And we never, ever kill babies.