Ryan Aument – 11/17/14

The meeting with Senator-elect Ryan Aument was a big surprise and a success.

High-points of the meeting:

1. He agrees with our cause.
2. Mentioned a few other state reps and senators that will likely be on our side.
3. Described a provision in the legislative process that allows any member of the House or Senate to declare the unconstitutionality of a bill and bring it under review.
4. Discussed a process by which we will be able to identify Constitutional true-believers in the House and Senate.

He said we are going to have to wait until January to let the dust settle on the post-election transition process, but there is a slow period at the end of January that he said will allow us to meet in earnest to discuss our plans, our progress, and town hall meetings.

In the meantime we will continue to focus our fire and seek support in Lancaster County from borough and township council members, police and fire departments, the Sheriff’s department, lawyers, judges, etc.

Anyone that we can get our hands on that has sworn an oath to obey and defend the U.S. Constitution will be asked to take a stand on the Constitution and the limits it places on our federal government.

We have every right to know who is with us and who is against us; who wants the law obeyed, and who doesn’t.

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