Sen. Mike Brubaker – 11/13/14

The meeting with Senator Mike Brubaker was a very pleasant surprise.

Sen. Brubaker is, and has been, a longtime supporter of the 10th Amendment.  Here’s the breakdown of the evening:

  1. Unequivocally supports our cause.
  2. Concerned that he is soon gone from the system and will not be of much help.
  3. Co-sponsored the 10th Amendment Resolution in the Senate, and voted it out of committee, where it then failed in the general assembly.
  4. Gave us suggestions on how to promote the 10th Amendment nationally and in our state.
  5. Willing to help with a town hall meeting and on a case by case basis as he is able.
  6. Overall, a very intelligent and thoughtful man with a lot of respect for the Constitution and the principles that it reflects.

Whatever specific votes of Senator Brubaker’s that we could quibble over, Senator-elect Aument, who we are meeting with on Monday, certainly has some big shoes to fill.

Thanks to everybody that showed up, especially my good friend Karen, who drove four hours round trip from Bucks County in the snow to learn how to start an OurRepublic movement in her county.  She is working hard to get the word out in our state as well.  She is also coming down again for the meeting Monday at 4pm with Aument.

If you aren’t inspired by that, then you should be ashamed.

I am very optimistic of our ability to make Lancaster County a place where Americans can once again live protected by the Constitution, and an example to the Commonwealth and the nation.


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