Who are the Left?

The Left are those that push for, support, or tolerate the centralization of power in the hands of the few, whether through kings or Communists or any of the other myriad Leftist ideologies.

They are the people from whom we came here to escape.

We waged war against a tyrant and our own countrymen to free ourselves and then wrote our Constitution to guarantee our Freedom from them.

Our Republic has fought numerous wars around the world against Leftist regimes.

Leftists have cost us much in blood, pain, and fortune. They are among us and always will be.

The Left are a people that want and need government at the center of their lives, unlike us.

They are white, black, and brown.  They are rich, poor, educated, and ignorant.  They are hyper-religious and militantly Atheistic.  They are in both of our political parties.

The Left hates with a deep burning rage anyone that resists them controlling everything they say, think, believe, do, and earn.

The Left uses tactics and emotion instead of facts and logic.  They come at us sideways and call themselves what they are not, never were, and never will be, while accusing us of being who they are and of doing what they have done.

They presume to instantly know and define the motives of everyone that opposes them, but are terrified of and shut down any conversation about the mountains of evidence exposing, defining, and linking their ideologies, actions, and words.

The Left hates us because of our values and the source of our values.

That, however, is the conversation that will result from our Constitution County project to force everyone that has sworn the Oath of Office to answer how they view the Constitution.

So, first things first.

Please help us make them answer this simple question:

The Constitution is…

A list of Enumerated Powers severely limiting the function and scope of our federal government so that we can be free from a powerful central government.


A ‘living document’ removing all constitutional limits and allowing federal workers to define and limit the scope of their own power.