Before we head into our 2nd American Civil War, we want to clarify the nature of the combatants…

Those who want to be free are already fighting (very poorly, unfortunately) those that do not want to be free and that do not want us to be free from them.

It is a fight between people on opposite sides of the Constitution and, much more importantly, the principles woven throughout it.  The true Right vs. the true Left… the very divide that created our Republic. 

Liberty, the Constitution, and Christianity vs. Control, Communism, Atheism, Islam, and Paganism. 

Thankfully, we can use support for and opposition to the Constitution being obeyed and enforced as a tool for clarifying these two sides.

Those that swore the Oath of Office to obey and defend the Constitution will show us how fractured we are as a people.  Their divide is our nations truest and most critical divide.

However, as is to be expected and for different reasons, neither side wants to answer how they view the Constitution.

The Constitution is either a list of Enumerated Powers defining and severely limiting our federal government, or it is a ‘living document’ allowing the federal government to limit and define themselves resulting in theory and practice in a truly limitless federal government.

Making Oath takers answer how they view the Constitution of the United States that they swore to obey and defend is our singular goal.

No other conversation, debate, or argument will ever truly make any sense until we have clarified this foundational, pivotal issue.

You are more than welcome to lend a hand making either side answer.

Every individual in our Republic will eventually need to pick a side as well, but we believe that this project will cause that to happen.