Sen. Mike Folmer – 1/23/15

Our hour-and-a-half meeting with Sen Fulmer could not have gone any better.  Now, together with Sen Aument, we have two solid allies in our war against un-Constitutional laws, rules, regulations, and taxes.

Sen Folmer has worked diligently for years to see the US and Pennsylvania Constitutions honored and obeyed.  His 10th Amendment Resolution and his understanding of the principles that created this country tell us everything we need to know about him.  He truly gets it.  His enthusiasm for what we are doing is humbling and exciting.

Sen Aument served our nation as a 2nd Lieutenant in Iraq and then our community here at home.  He is smart and has the kind of humility, strength, and character that is so common here in Lancaster County.  I really look forward to working with him.

We must always remember, there are only eleven significant, essential tasks the federal government is legally allowed to do.

We are taking inventory of Lancaster County to identify our allies and our enemies.  To not obey the highest law of the land is no longer an option.  To not defend those of us that are determined to live moral and free lives will not be tolerated.

We still have the county sheriff, county commissioners, and the district attorney to work on once we gather enough support, and now we have two very decent men and serious patriots on our side in our state senate.

We are asking them to help focus on our county so that we can establish a beach head for freedom again in our state and our nation.

No one is forced to run for public office, but if they do, they are not allowed to serve unless they swear an oath to the people to obey, and more importantly, defend the Constitution.  We will find out where they stand.

Those that refuse to obey the law cannot be allowed to remain in office.  If they brazenly dare to continue to oppress the people they swore to serve, we are certainly under no obligation to obey or fund their illegal activity.

Such is the birthright of all Americans.

All in all, today was a good day.

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