10th Amendment & Oath of Office

Joint Town Hall Meeting

Lititz, PA

May 12th, 2016


7pm in the 2nd floor meeting room of the historic Joboy’s Brew Pub building.

Attendance by invitation or pre-approval only.

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We have met with most of our elected State representatives, and now we are asking them to join us at a Joint Town Hall Meeting in Lititz on May 12th, 2016 to do two things:

  1. Draft legislation clarifying that:
    1. The Constitution is a contract that limits the federal government to thirty enumerated tasks only, and that all else is unlawful, and as Thomas Jefferson said, “void, null, and without force.”
    2. The Constitution, as a contract, can only mean what it says or it means nothing at all.
    3. To believe that the Constitution is a ‘growing document’ technically makes one’s Oath of Office a lie.
  2. Facilitate the completion of The List of all those in Lancaster County that have sworn the Oath of Office, dividing them by whether they view our Constitution as a contract or as a growing document.

It is impossible to obey and defend the Constitution while treating it as a ‘growing document.’

Their Oath was to the Constitution as written, or it was a lie and they are instead committed to obeying the federal government and enforcing its extra-Constitutional dictates.

How do they view the Constitution?  We can no longer remain in the dark about which Oath they swore.  We have a right to know.  Who are the people in our county that have sworn the Oath of Office and what was their intent when they did so?

  1. Is the federal government breaking the law?  The 10th Amendment says yes.
  2. How are they doing this?  By breaking their Oath of Office.
  3. Is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania complicit?  Yes.
  4. Are we entitled to redress?  Yes.

Until enough people have been educated and informed about #’s 1 through 3, we will never be able to move on to #4.

Jefferson said:  “The Tenth Amendment is the foundation of the Constitution.”

The 10th Amendment, and therefore the entire Constitution, means nothing unless we claim its protection.  We are well represented here in Lancaster County, and are very impressed with the character of the men and women that very capably serve us.

May 12th will be our chance to hear from those who swore their Oath and meant it, and to learn what they are going to do to begin the process of restoring our 10th Amendment right and establishing Lancaster County as a Constitutional Sanctuary County.

We believe educating people about the Constitution and the Oath of Office is the foundation we have been missing.



10th Amendment Affirmation


I, ______________________________, agree that the people of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have a right to a federal government restrained by the 10th Amendment and Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and to a state and to local governments that defend them when it is not.

These different levels of government have instead been cooperating with and facilitating the federal government’s unlawful, extra-constitutional activity for decades resulting in the destruction of the Constitution and the very Rule of Law itself.

OurRepublic seeks to establish Lancaster County as a Constitutional Sanctuary County, restoring their 10th Amendment protections from their federal government.

OurRepublic has not requested that I support any specific methods or goals, only their Constitutional rights, which I am already bound through oath and honor to obey and defend.  If I had not sworn this oath I could not have taken my seat of office.  If I break my oath, I lose all moral and legal authority.

Today, therefore, I affirm and clarify my oath to God and to the people of Lancaster County to obey and defend the Constitution as it is written and as it was intended and not to what many have purposefully redefined it to mean.

It is clear that those that call the Constitution a ‘growing document’ are the very people from whom we wrote the Constitution to protect ourselves.

We are being asked to restore the principles and the protections codified in the Constitution.  Many will expect and demand that we continue to ignore the highest law of the land.  We are, however, sworn to do the former and to oppose the latter.

My commitment to Liberty, the people of Lancaster County, the Rule of Law, and the principles of the Founding Generation that created our Republic must never be in doubt.  It is my sworn duty to restore the 10th Amendment limits on Washington, D.C.

The 10th Amendment has not been repealed.  To be free, that line must be restored.


X _______________________________________   DATE: ____________________

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  1. so can i pick and choose which fedreal laws i have to obey? if they don’t have to obey fedreal law, then what kind of example are they setting?

  2. Hi,

    Read the 10th Amendment on the main page of this site.

    The federal government is the one picking and choosing what laws to obey.

    The federal government is limited to eleven tasks. They are currently at 60 million laws, rules, taxes, regulations, and fees. Everything past number eleven is illegal, null, and void… for the federal government. Every bit of it belongs in the domain of the states. The people in some states want freedom, and the morons in others want Marxism. Everyone gets what they want.

    Why are we required to obey illegal federal activity, and they are not required to obey the Constitution?

    Also, why would we ever go to jail for disobeying and defunding that which is illegal? Makes no sense.

    When you start thinking like a free person, you’ll have answered your own question. We need to be an example to the rest of the nation that this is exactly what free people do to keep their government limited, defined, and at bay.

    It has become abundantly clear that freedom is not for everyone.

    – Joe

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